Fun Fact About Norse Mythology – Happy Tyr’s Day

Did you know the days of the week are named after a mixture of Roman and Norse deities?  The weekdays stemming from Norse origins are indicated in red, below:

Sunday – Day of the Sun

Monday – Day of the Moon

Tuesday – Tyr’s Day (god of war)

Wednesday – Odin’s Day (Old English “Woden”) (ruler of Asgard)

Thursday – Thor’s Day (god of thunder & lightning)

Friday – Freyja (goddess of love & beauty)

Saturday – Day of Saturn

Tomorrow (Wodensday), I’ll fill you in on a little Odin lore.  In the meantime, you might enjoy another factoid.  Despite all rumors to the contrary, Viking helmets had no horns.  There’s only one Viking helmet that has survived as an artifact and it was…hornless. (See Wikipedia photo) (For another view, go HERE).  In runestones, illustrations and artwork of the age, Viking helmets were depicted as having either a rounded or conical top (like half a football). If you’re interested in Viking Age arms and armour, Wikipedia has a good article HERE.

I don’t know how authentic all the helmets are at Dark Knight Armoury, but they have a really cool website.  You can go HERE to have a look around.

Happy Tyr’s Day.

~ S.G. Rogers

Kidnapped from Earth and abandoned in Asgard of Norse mythology, Dani Avery must fight to return home.  When she stumbles upon a band of outlaws, Prince Rein agrees to take her to the Rainbow Bridge personally. Although Dani is attracted to the handsome elf, his only interest seems to be in separating her from the magical sword and shield at her side. In Asgard City, rules, regulations and bureaucrats stymie Dani’s quest.  Increasingly frustrated and desperate, she seeks help among powerful immortals. Unfortunately, Dani becomes ensnared in a devious trap that may leave her stranded and alone in Asgard forever.

Available April 20th from Musa Publishing.

6 thoughts on “Fun Fact About Norse Mythology – Happy Tyr’s Day”

  1. Oooh, this book sounds intriguing! It goes straight on my tbr list. Having watched Thor last week (funny!), I’m fascinated by Norse mythology.

    Happy Tyr’s Day indeed! 🙂


      1. Very true. But even ‘gods’ should be three-dimensional, IMHO. I found myself rooting for Loki, who was subjected to real injustice through no fault of his own.


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