Wynn Westerfield, Dragon Jockey Superstar

Before the racing accident that cost him his career, Wynn Westerfield was an exceptionally handsome and dashing dragon jockey.

Dragon jockey? 

Racing dragons is a lot like racing horses…except bigger.  Much bigger.  A thoroughbred champion is built for speed, so the jockey that rides him to victory must be light.  With dragons, however, agility wins the day.  Dragon jockeys are big, with strapping frames capable of controlling animals the size of a barn.  A dragon racetrack is correspondingly large, and far more complicated than the flat ovals in the “Sport of Kings.”  Akin to oversized luge tracks, such courses extend for miles.  The excitement is incredible, and the stakes are high.  Naturally, dragon jockeys are superstars…until something goes wrong.

In Minna & The Valentine, Wynn’s daughter Minna travels to another reality to retrieve a dangerous magical artifact.  What she discovers about her father, however, threatens to derail her mission.


“Why I—” Minna broke off as the color commentator announced the next incoming team. Her face grew pale, and her head whipped toward the small vidscreen. Wynn Westerfield had entered the stadium and was flying toward the central platform on My Girl. The crowd was stamping their feet.

Evan struggled to keep up as Minna darted through the short tunnel into the stands to join the throng of onlookers at the railing. To the delight of everyone in the stadium, Wynn Westerfield put My Girl through several fancy aerial maneuvers before he brought the exquisite golden dragon in for a landing. Minna’s knuckles showed white as she gripped the top of the metal fence, unable to tear her eyes away. Evan put his arm around her shoulders.

“Are you all right, Minna?”

“My father is still racing,” she said, shaking her head in amazement. “The accident never happened here.”

She spun around and rushed through the crowds once more. Evan grabbed her by the elbow. “Where are you going?”

“My father will be in his dressing room until race time. I have to see him.”

Evan’s expression reflected dismay. “This Wynn Westerfield isn’t your father, Minna.”

She pulled away. “I don’t care, Evan,” she said vehemently. “I’m going to see him whole again, up close. You can come with me—or you can wait here.”

Will Minna be able to put her personal issues aside to save the universe?  Shh…that would be telling.  But I promise you, the journey is a magical thrill ride. ~ S.G. Rogers

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