Author Joanne Troppello Inspires with Bella Lucia

I turn my blog over to author Joanne Troppello today, on the occasion of her new release Bella Lucia! Please feel free to leave a comment for Joanne as she talks about her writer’s journey and ends with the question…do you read or e-read? ~ S.G. Rogers


Is Reading Really Fundamental to Growing as a Writer?

I have always loved to read ever since I was a little girl when I first discovered books.  Reading fueled my appetite to learn to write and the rest is history—well, almost.  For a while I was focusing so much on writing my current WIP’s that I didn’t read any new books for over six months.  Of course, that’s not beneficial to my writing and I finally realized that.

I recently started doing some book reviews and that has whet my appetite again to reading and why I love it so much.  It’s also reminded me how much (as a writer) I need to read other books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Reading how other authors write is beneficial to sharpening your own writing skills.  If you’re looking closely enough, you’ll see what works for other authors and what doesn’t.  Your skills will be honed.  That’s the point, right—we should always want to do what is necessary to sharpen our skillset and write better novels.  At least that’s my goal.

I know with my first book, I did not know what I was doing other than basic grammar skills and that I really, really wanted to be an author.  However, wanting to be a real author and truly being one—two totally different stories.  Being a successful author takes hard work and determination and you always need to take the good with the bad.  Are you able to handle constructive criticism from editors, publishers, book reviewers and even readers…without getting offended?  It takes me time to process the criticism, but usually I can get a handle on it and use that to make my writing better.

Now that my third novel has been published and I’m working on my fourth, I’m excited that I’m still learning more on how to write better and get a truly polished novel that readers are waiting with bated breath to read.  Starting to read other books again has truly assisted in that journey.

There are different levels of writing and I want to strive to make it to the highest level that I can write.  Reading more books can open your mind to those different levels of writing skills and you can compare that to your own set of skills and figure out where you need to improve.  Obviously, your end goal is not to copy another author’s work.  That would be plagiarism and wrong!  My point is that reading good, quality work can inspire you to see where your writing skills are lacking and open up your eyes to see where you can improve.

I recently received a Kindle and let’s just say that I LOVE it!!  I never thought I would enjoy reading on an eReader since I was an advocate for print books, but after my mom got one (and she was more against the eReader than I was)…she convinced me that I would love it.  I’ve only had the Kindle for a month and I’ve fallen in love—I’ve been kindle-fied!

Currently, I’m enjoying the release of my newest book, Bella Lucia, and I’m busy making the rounds in my blog tour. I’m just curious what other people think on the subject of eBooks vs. print books.  Do you think print books will become obsolete?  If you have an eReader, which kind and what do you like about it? ~ Joanne Troppello

Book Blurb for Bella Lucia:

After being married for six years, Gwen and Lucas DeStefano are dealing with the pain of a childless marriage and trying to trust God for their future.  On a weekend getaway to the Poconos, they attempt to relax and renew their marriage, but witness an event that turns their lives upside down.  They see a body dump in the woods while they are on a hike and their lives become entangled in a web of suspense and God’s ultimate blessing in the form of a little baby girl, named Bella Lucia. Will Gwen learn to trust God with childlike faith and wholeheartedly accept His plan?

Det. Marc Abrams is assigned to the murder investigation of Sabrina Reysen and he will do whatever it takes to find her killer. He has his suspicions and is pleasantly surprised when he meets Samantha “Sam” Collins, the attractive US Marshall assigned to protect one of the witnesses in this case. Will Det. Abrams find the killer before it’s too late and is the attraction between him and Sam strong enough to survive?

Buy Bella Lucia at Astraea Press HERE.

Joanne Troppello is an author of romantic suspense novels.  She has published three books: Shadowed Remembrances, Mr. Shipley’s Governess and Bella Lucia. Currently, she is working on her new writing project, The Paradise Redeemed Series. Joanne is married and loves spending time with her husband and family. She enjoys interacting with readers at The Mustard Seed Blog.

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14 thoughts on “Author Joanne Troppello Inspires with Bella Lucia”

  1. Hi Joanne, I whole-heartedly agree with you. Reading is a large part of my education as a writer. (And I have a long way to go!) As for eBooks vs. paper books… I think there’s room for both. I have an iPad and I love it. On another note, with Borders closing, I’ve really missed browsing for books in a bookstore. I recently discovered and am thrilled. It’s as close to having a bookstore to browse through on a computer as any site could be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today and good luck with your book!


    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I agree that I miss browsing through the library and going to the library to borrow print books. I do believe there is a market for both and I’m sure we’ll see books in print and ebook for a while.


  2. I use to think that print was the way to go. I’ve got over a hundred right now, all paperback. It wasn’t until I got my iPhone a few years ago that I found the joy of eBooks. Now I can read anytme, anywhere and anything without worry.
    The only thing I hate about the Kindle, the ease in buying a book. One click and I own it.


    1. Lindsay, thanks for stopping by today. As I mentioned in my post, I’ve always loved print books and didn’t think I’d enjoy ebooks as much as I do. However, I hope print books still have a long life ahead of them! 🙂


  3. Enjoyed your column about reading. I spent nearly 30 years in the library business, so I also have a deep appreciation.
    I have a fairly new Kindle Touch and, though it’s already loaded with nearly 100 books, I have to say that I’m still getting the hang of it. Just this evening, I had a situation where I couldn’t advance the page. It kept moving BACKwards … sometimes even jumping back to a previous chapter. Very frustrating to not have the ability to TURN a page decisively.


  4. I LOVE that cover. And yes, I love my Kindle – I actually read faster. And it’s so important to keep reading — and rereading some of the books that inspired you in the past. Best of luck with Bella, Joanne!


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