The Road to The Heart Gem by Isabella Macotte

On the heels of her new release The Heart Gem, author Isabella Macotte stops by Child of Yden to let us in on her path to sucess.  Enjoy! ~ S.G. Rogers

After spending years enjoying wonderful books written by fabulous authors, I wanted in.

I figured writing a book should take just slightly longer than reading one. As a speedy reader able to wolf down a story in an evening or two, writing a manuscript should take a couple of weeks. Not one to place undue pressure on myself, I generously allowed a month. Tops.

GMC? What the heck is that? I never thought about a goal for my heroine besides living happily ever after. Motivation? Well, getting to live happily ever after with a hunky hero is pretty motivating, right? Conflict? Ha! I’ll give her a few impediments, I suppose, but who likes stress? Point of view?  Readers are smart. They’ll figure out the scene’s perspective.

So wrong and naïve.

What is it they say about best-laid plans? For me, as in most ventures, nothing ever comes easy. Drafting a manuscript entailed learning everything from the ground up. Thankfully I had a group of wonderful writers and readers who nudged, poked, pulled, kicked, and instructed me along the way.

Once my feet were planted on the right road, the process of putting together the manuscript for my newly published book, The Heart Gem, involved more time learning, reading, listening, and working than I could have ever imagined.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Receiving an email from the editor at The Wild Rose Press offering a contract for my romance novel, The Heart Gem, was one of the most thrilling moments of my life.

~ Isabella Macotte


In 1885, a proper Victorian woman’s place was in the home. Convention never appealed to Hallie Pinefoy.

But plans for financial independence through a successful doll-making venture have one impediment. She’s inherited a curiosity shop and a handsome business partner who’s proving to be a delicious distraction.

When Bremen Tyler inherits a shop in coastal England, he breaks from the mystical Ancestral clan to live a normal life. The only way to guarantee a permanent break is to marry his Heart Match, a perfect soul mate. Bremen recognizes the captivating Hallie as his true love, but she isn’t cooperating with his courtship.

If he can retrieve the stolen Heart Gem, an Artifact of Love, he can use it to prove their match. The surface of the Gem reflects the essence of a couple’s future life, but the risks are great. More importantly, will Hallie realize true love doesn’t need proof?


Hallie stepped over to the small desk. “Please wait. I’ll get the monies owed from the payment made at the Dockhouse.”

“No.” Bremen answered.


“Partake of a glass of wine with me instead.”

Surprised, she looked to the man’s face and paused. Those dark eyes seemed almost hypnotic, and a sudden vision came to mind of looking into those eyes right before his lips moved in closer and closer, toward her mouth. She forced herself to look away.

He held out a hand. “Just a glass of wine? Perhaps we can pretend to have just been introduced under less dramatic circumstances?”

“I think not. However I’m grateful for your assistance.” She held out the coin.

“I never accept money from a lady.”

“Do you make a lady feel obligated then? That’s your preference?”

“I’d hope the lady would forgive me for my churlish behavior by allowing a contrite man to make amends.”

Was he mocking her?

“One glass of wine. Please.” He seemed to notice the hesitation. “On the Wrightsville Inn’s front porch in full view of all.” His face softened. “With a repentant gentleman.” He held out a hand. “I’m Bremen Tyler. The apologetic Bremen Tyler who wishes to make restitution to a lady offended with loutish behavior.”

“Again, I must decline the offer.”

He paused for a moment. “Are you afraid?”

“Afraid? Of you? I most certainly am not.”

“Sit with me then. You can berate me for my temper, comment on my lack of good manners, and insult me for my lack of wholesome attributes. I put myself in your hands for as long as you wish to partake of my poor company.”

Being the one in control was intriguing. After having spent the past hour feeling foolish and taking directions, she found these pleas for forgiveness and companionship quite appealing.

Buy links: Amazon (ebook) (paperback), The Wild Rose Press (ebook) (paperback), and wherever online books are sold.


Isabella Macotte grew up in Chicago and now lives in the Midwest. Ever since she can remember, she was reading. Not just fiction but everything she could get her hands on. Science, romance, history and paranormal. Especially paranormal…anything scary, creepy, or gory, she loves it. From light paranormal elements to terrifying monsters, she’ll make up a story to amaze or scare you.

Isabella Macotte writes the kind of romance she loves to read: a story with delicious dialogue, seductive encounters, a dash of the paranormal, and an irresistible hero you will never forget.

Passionate about books, Isabella keeps busy reading, writing and working in a library. But if a few moments remain at the end of the day, she spends them with a wonderful family and sweet bichon pup named Daisy.

21 thoughts on “The Road to The Heart Gem by Isabella Macotte”

  1. Hi Isabella! Great post. Funny how you sound like me (and I bet a zillion other writers…lol) that writing a book won’t be that hard. After all, we already have some great ideas floating around in our heads. But like you mentioned, with the help of friends, other authors and cps it all comes together.

    Congrats on your new release. Loved the excerpt….definitely one to add to my Nook 🙂


  2. I thought GMC was a truck until I learned differently. Writing is a learning process; in fact, the learning curve of a good writer is continual. Wishing you fabulous sales and a delightful life as a published author.


  3. Never be afraid to admit you had a lot to learn. After all, the learning curve of a good writer is continual. I’m wishing you fabulous sales and sweet enjoyment of your life as a published author.


  4. Hi Isabella!
    I love your candid take on your journey to publication. It is one I can relate to, as well. So glad you stuck it out and wrote your book, revised, edited, revised again – well – you certainly know what it takes to write a book. An aren’t fellow authors, critique partners, and beta readers wonderful? We couldn’t survive without them. Congratulations on The Heart Gem. Wishing you much success.


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