Team Brett or Team Kira? YA Love Triangle

In The Last Great Wizard of Yden, Jon Hansen meets two very different girls who become a part of his life.  Brett and Kira could not be more different and yet both manage to capture Jon’s attention.  Meet them for yourself and then you decide…are you on Team Brett or Team Kira?

Excerpt (‘Team Brett’):

Her name tag indicated her name was Brett, but Jon was more interested in her green eyes, pert nose, and deep dimples. She had shoulder-length wavy blonde hair with flirty bangs brushing the tips of her long, curly lashes. Usually girls like her wouldn’t bother to talk to him, but at the moment her glossy pink lips were curved in an inviting smile. Jon was amazed at his good fortune.

“Yes, I need help,” he said. “That would be great.”

Brett tossed her hair over one shoulder. “I’ll get Pete over here to give you a hand.”

Deflated, Jon watched her walk away. Just as well, he sighed, since he probably would have started to babble like a fool. He returned to scrutinizing the store shelves, wondering how to choose between straight-leg, relaxed, classic, or boot-cut pants. He hoped Pete had a tape measure, too, because Jon didn’t know his waist size or inseam either.

“Pete’s swamped right now so you’re stuck with me.”

Jon’s stomach lifted at the sound of Brett’s voice. “Good. I mean…these khakis look good, but I don’t know which one to pick.”

Brett scrutinized Jon’s frame for a moment before she pulled a few pairs of pants off the shelves. “Are you looking for shirts as well?”

“I guess so. I’m starting school next week at Pacific High. I need shirts with collars—”

“Oh, yes, I know their dress code. Let’s get you into a dressing room, and I’ll bring you a couple of things to try.”

Everything she brought him was nearly the perfect size, and it became difficult to narrow her selections down. Jon finally bought four pairs of khakis, two pairs of jeans, a couple of belts, and a raft of shirts.

“And a partridge in a pear tree,” he joked.

Brett handed him a receipt and his change. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

His face flushed. Stop babbling, he thought. “Oh, just…nothing. Thanks for your help, Brett. You’re a terrific salesperson.”

“Thanks. Maybe I’ll see you around. I go to Pacific High, too.”

The heavens opened up and the angels began to sing. Although Jon had blown two years worth of allowance, school had never seemed so inviting.

Excerpt (‘Team Kira’):

Mandral laughed in delight. He directed the hovering cygards to subdue the prisoner and tie his tether on the ring next to Jon’s. The dented cygard yanked off the prisoner’s cape and stepped back. The crowd murmured.

The newcomer was female, and a stunning one at that. Her full, waist-length hair was a wavy chestnut with red highlights. Her eyes were a violet color, and her skin was a golden tan. Despite his own predicament, Jon flushed. He couldn’t help but stare. From the expressions of the other men in the room, he knew he wasn’t the only one.

Mandral clapped his hands in a deliberate, slow, and obviously sarcastic manner. “What an entrance, Kira Szul. You’re looking savage, as usual,” he drawled.

Kira said nothing.

“Don’t be offended,” Mandral continued. “I like savagery in a woman.”

As the warlord seated himself, he nodded to Tyrg.

“Clear the hall,” Tyrg called out.

The ladies and gentlemen around the chamber shifted their weight, reluctant to leave when the entertainment had become lively.

“Immediately,” Tyrg barked. “Wait outside.”

The cygards made sure the chamber was emptied in short order. Meanwhile Mandral’s attention was riveted onto Kira. “As soon as you’ve changed into something more, well, matrimonial, the wedding ceremony can begin.”

“As soon as you change into someone, well, else, I’ll consider it,” Kira spat.

Mandral began to clean his nails with his dagger. “This is so tiresome,” he pouted. “Rampen Szul has agreed to the marriage. Tile has changed hands.”

“My father only agreed so you’d stop slaughtering the Nomads!”

“Slaughter can be so persuasive.”

“Give me that knife and I’ll persuade you to let me go,” Kira said.

Jon didn’t realize the throne room had such good acoustics. His snicker echoed throughout the chamber and attracted the warlord’s ire. The coldness of Mandral’s glare stood out in stark contrast to the color staining his cheeks. Unable to transport and tethered like a puleden, he braced himself for the sting of the warlord’s dagger. Instead, the back of Mandral’s hand whipped him full across the face. The impact drove him down to one knee.

So which girl do you think Jon should end up with?

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