Amazing Authors Event at Child of Yden

Find a new author, a great read…and win stuff.  From January 12 through January 24, thirteen powerhouse authors have teamed up for the Amazing Authors Event.

Today, January 18th, is MY day to dazzle you with my fantasy adventure novel, The Last Great Wizard of Yden!

All Jon Hansen wanted for his sixteenth birthday were the keys to the family car.  Instead he got a lousy magic ring…

Blurb: After his father is kidnapped, sixteen-year-old Jon stumbles across a closely guarded family secret–-one that will challenge everything he has ever believed about his father and himself.

A magical ring his father leaves behind unlocks a portal to another dimension, but in using it, Jon unwittingly unchains the forces of evil.  A crisis develops when a malevolent wizard transports to Earth to kidnap Jon’s would-be girlfriend.

With the help of some unlikely schoolmates, and a warrior princess from Yden, Jon embarks on a dangerous quest to free his friend and his father from the most vicious wizard the magical world has ever known.

In the end, Jon will be forced to fight for his life as he attempts to rescue the last great wizard of Yden.


One moment Jon was sitting at his drafting table. In the next, he was sprawled in the middle of a dirt road, having fallen painfully on his behind. His wrist was still tingling, as if he’d stuck his finger in a light socket, and his nostrils burned with the unmistakable scent of ozone.

“Get out of the way!” a man yelled.

A wooden cart, pulled by a team of enormous horses, was bearing down on him. Jon rolled to the side as the cart rumbled past, its wheels barely clearing his head. The driver dragged the team to a halt. “I should report you to the cygards,” he snarled.

Before Jon realized what was happening, the driver’s arm recoiled and he let loose a bullwhip. The popper cracked mere centimeters from Jon’s face. As he scrambled to his feet, the cart moved on, raising a cloud of dust in its wake. Jon stumbled backward, coughing, but then the tail of a strange animal snaked around his waist. The beast resembled a stocky horse, but it had stubby horns and hard ridges where the mane should be. The tail was reminiscent of a small elephant’s trunk. Jon shuddered and twisted out of the animal’s reach.

A plump woman hurried toward him, parcel in hand. “You there! Step away from my puleden!”


“S-sorry,” Jon stammered.

When the extraordinary creature wrapped its muscular tail around the woman’s parcel, Jon gaped in amazement.

“What’re you looking at, vagrant?” the woman snapped.

Without waiting for an answer, the woman unhitched her puleden from a rough-hewn post and led it away. Jon narrowly avoided the road apple the animal left in its wake.

As he took in his surroundings, his mind refused to accept what his eyes were showing him. Somehow he’d traveled instantaneously to a village plucked straight from the pages of a medieval storybook. People were shopping at a busy open-air marketplace nearby, which consisted of rustic wooden stalls, booths, and tents. No cars were on the road, nor could Jon see any modern machinery of any kind. Women were clothed in long, coarsely woven dresses, while men wore cloth shirts and trousers with hide vests. Everyone over a certain age seemed to be wearing a hat of one sort or another. The vendors at the food booths wore the same kind of two-cornered hat oddly similar in shape to ones Jon had seen at fast-food joints.
When a light rain began to moisten his skin, Jon focused his attention upward. To his astonishment he saw not one but two suns in between the streaky, gray clouds. One was nearly overhead and the other, much smaller sun was on the horizon. The realization he was no longer on Earth began to sink in.

I’m on Yden.

The Last Great Wizard of Yden, a full length fantasy adventure. E-book available through Astraea Press, ($2.99 MSRP).

Tomorrow (January 19th) please visit Linda LaRoque, known for western contemporary and time travel romance! Enjoy the rest of the Amazing Authors Event, and remember that in order to win FREE READS you’ll visit Ginger Simpson’s blog on the last day to answer FUN and EASY questions about the blogs on the tour. (Links will be posted so you can double check).

Happy Woman: © Redbaron |

Handsome: © Alexey Poprugin |

Horses Running: © Kateleigh |

Medieval Village: © Algol |

Medieval Magic: © Freesurf69 |

13 thoughts on “Amazing Authors Event at Child of Yden”

  1. Hey SG, I was engrossed by your excerpt; lots happening there. I believe young Jon has his hands full on his quest. I enjoy fantasy and adventure, so this book is right up my alley!


  2. Taking a bath and reading— I’d be afraid I’d accident drop the Kindle in the tub. lol I do take my Kindle everywhere with me. When I run errands for my boss and there’s a line where ever I am. I take my Kindle out to read. 🙂


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