Amazing Authors Event Begins Today

Find a new author, a great read…and win stuff.  From January 12 through January 24, thirteen powerhouse authors have teamed up for the Amazing Authors Event. Here’s the lineup:

Jan. 12.  Caroline Clemmons (historical & contemporary genre fiction)

Jan. 13. Beth Trissel (historical & light paranormal romance)

Jan. 14. Roseanne Dowell (romance)

Jan. 15.  Cathie Dunn (historical fiction & romantic adventure)

Jan. 16. Maggie Toussaint (romance & mystery with a Southern dash)

Jan. 17. Patsy Parker (paranormal fantasy romance)

Jan. 18. S.G. Rogers (fantasy, romantic fantasy, young adult fantasy)

Jan. 19. Linda LaRoque (western contemporary & time travel romance)

Jan. 20 Jacquie Rogers (dragons, princesses & romance)

Jan. 21. Karen Nutt (paranormal romance)

Jan. 22. Anna Kathryn Lanier (sensual contemporary & historical westerns)

Jan. 23. Barbara Edwards (riveting romance with an edge)

Jan. 24. Ginger Simpson (historical & contemporary romance)

On the last day of the tour, Ginger Simpson is going to post some fun and easy questions you must answer for the chance to win free reads. (Hint: there will be a link to each author’s post so you can quickly double check).

Please join us!  We’re looking forward to meeting you.

~ S.G. Rogers

Happy Woman: © Redbaron |

Open Book Magic: © Kydriashka |

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