Carrie James Haynes Rocks Your World Building


Guest Post by Carrie James Haynes

To create a world full of myth and legend! The ultimate key in writing a fantasy. Fantasies are different to write than most other genres. Not only is the story driven by your plot but in a fantasy the setting is almost as important. The setting is not the only difference. Whereas most of us read fantasies because it allows up to reach into our imagination and dream; writing a fantasy allows an author to write without restrictions.

Lands full of wonder; worlds of untold mysteries and unknown places. Flying Hawkmen; magical beings; foretold prophecies; myths and legends. Welcome to the world of Whispers of a Legend.


A world protected by a valiant warrior race, the Sordarins, rulers of the sky.

A land where the skies are dominated by a valiant warrior race. Set in a land where the majestic Preda Mountain Range serves as an entrance to the Kingdom of Scarladin. The snowcap peaks the origin of the powerful Kampar River which flows boldly down into the valley giving life to all around. On the horizon, far within upon the tallest peak the fortress Yucca sits guarding all around where on a clear day the Hawkmen can be seen dominating the skies.


A world where once magic abounded. A beautiful land where the grass was green as far as your eyes could see; the sky as blue as the ocean deep. There lay peace and tranquility; greater wealth and splendor could never be found. Until dark magic emerged. Sins of greed, wont and lust destroyed the world the Withelegheans once knew. Now the people are held in submission by the evil lord, Asmeodai!

Prince Mithelk and Princess Eufamia stood guard on the portal that connected their two worlds. When the Asmeodai emerged in Witheleghe, the two gave the ultimate sacrifice to give their worlds a chance to survive.

The legend holds that through the darkness a light will emerge, bright and shielding, not given to neither Witheleghean nor Sordarin, but to all, to guard and protect the innocent. When one is born such, there’s only one purpose to their life to protect against a foreboding danger: one that can not be contained otherwise. Euchouns are born with such a purpose. After the fall of Nottesdone, there has never been a greater need.

So begins Whispers of a Legend. So challenging to create new worlds. Does it seem to you that when I created this world that I have started in a middle of another story? To me, I feel that Kela’s story began long before her birth. What of King Edulf and Althea? Mithelk and Eufamia?  Could the story continue after Kela?

Creating worlds is complex, but I have loved every minute of it. On the inception of Whispers of a Legend the story evolved to a point that I never expected. When I first began to write, the idea of Whispers of a Legend sprang to life. I wrote a short story called Flight of the Sordarins that sat in my desk. It dealt mainly with King Edulf and Althea. Over the years, I kept going back to the story until I changed the point of view. Not only is Whispers of a Legend the only fantasy book I have written, it is the only book I’ve written in first person. Once I made that move, the story took on a life of its own with Kela as the heroine.

I’m so excited for the series. The possibilities are endless. Good versus evil. Romance. Action and adventure. At the end of January, first of February, I will be releasing Vision of Destiny, the third installment. I’m also planning on pulling the first three books into one, Whispers of a Legend, Volume I. Let the Legend Begin…

~ Carrie James Haynes

Whispers of a Legend, Part One– Shadows of the Past is absolutely FREE at, Smashwords and Amazon.

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The legend, they say, is whispered within the winds along the magnificent Preda Mountain Range, the words and deeds never to be forgotten of the Time of the Nuxvenom, a time when the Sordarins crushed the impending threat, the dreaded Asmeodai, and once more Scarladin was safe. The mighty Sordarins, rulers of the sky! No, the Sordarins have slept well over the years secure in their knowledge the Great One watches over them, knowing the legends holds a mighty warrior will emerge if threatened again, born with a destiny only to defend their world. But subtle changes have emerged. Little by little fear beings to resurface that their world, their very existence is once again threaten. They look to the skies anxiously awaiting their warrior; questioning perchance if the Great One has forgotten them. I know this how? For I am the one born to defend their world. I, Kela Calledwdele, was born a Euchoun. I am their warrior

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  1. Suzanne,
    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts about Whispers of a Legend today on Child of Yden blog. Great way to start the new year. Happy 2012!
    Oh, I love your blog and what an awesome cover to The Last Great Wizard of Yden.


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