Fantasy Friday – Happy Halloween

© Jesse-lee Lang |


Every Friday I’m going to post a fantastic photo or illustration that will set your imagination spinning.  This week’s 3d offering is deliciously creepy in celebration of Halloween.  From the evil smile on the woman’s face I’d say she was a wicked wizard assembling an army of soulless undead to do her bidding–perhaps seeking revenge on a former lover?

What do you think?

– S.G. Rogers

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – Happy Halloween”

  1. I think this is kick a**. I love illustrations like these. Especially ones where the woman looks like she could do some serious damage if given the reason. Nicely done, Suzanne!


  2. Very cool – I love the glowing eyes of the skeletons – and the glowing green pots along the runway. I’d like to attend a “fashion show” like this one! Keep the cool photos coming…


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