No Rest For The Bleary

I have not fallen off the face of the Earth nor have I been sucked into another dimension (yet).  I was slogging along on a manuscript when suddenly my literary soufflé collapsed.  That’s what happens sometimes when your hero or heroine’s intentions aren’t strongly enough defined.  My problems might have been exacerbated by caffeine withdrawal. (Note To Self:  Mainlining diet soda is not a great long-term strategy).  So, after going at the story in a different way for another week or so, I realized that the manuscript and I needed a time-out.

To stay busy, I brought out a short story I’d completed and began to write ‘what happens next.’  That has had me consumed for the last month.  I’m now on Chapter Twenty and heading into the home stretch of a novel.  The story has many unexpected twists and turns because I wrote it without a blueprint.  Writing by the seat of your pants can be rewarding, but slow because you have to sort of test various scenarios to see what works. The genre is also slightly different than what I’m used to, since it’s more of a ‘sword & sorcery’ tale.   I’m hoping to finish the rough draft by next week.  I’ll polish her up, give her a pat on the back and send her out the door mid-September.

Then I’ll get back to the first manuscript.  The ‘time-out’ was worthwhile.  I already have some ideas on how to make it work…

– S.G. Rogers


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